Now’s the Time for Tech

The first thing you should know is: things have changed.  People are pushing computers your way because there has never been a better time to dive into them.  Today’s devices have touch screens and don’t require training.  Benefiting from technology is easy.  There are no more extraneous accessories and no more mazes of wires.  No more user manuals to read and no new clickers and remotes to figure out.  But even if these new tablets and smartphones still seem a little daunting, you have family and caregivers to support you.  They can help you to get started and provide the encouragement.

Technology is easier to use now.  It’s faster than shuffling through boxes in the attic to look at memorabilia.  It’s easier than finding and repairing those old scrapbooks with pages falling out of them.  It’s less complicated than finding and playing the 8mm movie of your wedding anniversary.  All these things can be digitized.  All these things can be found in one place: on your tablet.  Photos, videos, and memories can live on ‘the cloud (whatever that means).  But everything is at your fingertips. Everything is on demand.  All your memories, stories, and artifacts are right next to you sitting on the end table, stored in your simple-to-use device.

We believe that your pictures and music should be easy to access and always available.  A current challenge of not being a techie is relying on others to keep track of this media.  It’s not fun pestering others for those photos, music records, and videotapes.  You, your friends, and family can work together to consolidate all your audiovisual materials into one place.  You’ll be able to access all our favorite pictures and music without having to bug others for it.  They’re your memories.  You own them.  Don’t you think you should put them to work for you?


Technology is more simple than ever.  It can finally make your life easier and allow you to be more independent.  Give it a try.

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