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Now that we’ve built a network of notifications, we need a place to store them.  The Family Connect app collects, prioritizes, and presents all of your alerts in one place: the Dashboard.  Find the incoming text message from Mom’s doctor.  Read the notice about Mom’s schedule changes.  Address the alert about Mom’s missing care shows.  The dashboard will allow you to see where your attention is needed and more.


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Report Rollout

The Visit Report gives you the opportunity to record how your loved one’s day is going. This daily 30-second Visit Report will be the basis for our Client Snapshot and reporting for you and your family.

Picture Perfect

Family Connect’s in-app camera will crop and skew photos for you. Upload perfect pictures of your old photographs.

Complete Connection

Family Connect now has alerts, notifications, and in-app messaging. Stay in the loop and connect with your network of family members and clinicians.

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