How to Update SimpleC Family Connect

The new 2018 Family Connect Update has arrived! This massive update includes picture perfect photo uploads, complete connection to your clinical experts, and a detailed dashboard for all your important alerts, all in one place.

How to Update Family Connect:
For Apple Users
How to Update Family Connect:
For Android Users

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Open your app store.

2. Type “SimpleC” in the search bar.

3. Find “SimpleC Family Connect” in the search results and select it.

4. Tap the “Update” button.

5. When the Update finishes, open the Family Connect App and log back in.

If the SimpleC Family Connect page says “Open” instead of “Update”, that means your app is already up to date.

If you need additional help to update your Family Connect App,
Email us at:
– or –
Call us at: 770-637-1997

Picture Perfect  |  Complete Connection  |  Detailed Dashboard
Update Family Connect to start using your new features!

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Picture Perfect

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Complete Connection

Family Connect now has alerts, notifications, and in-app messaging. Stay in the loop and connect with your network of family members and clinicians.

Detailed Dashboard

Read all of your important notices in one spot, the dashboard. Stay on the ball and in-touch with changes and raising problems in your Companion user’s health.

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