The SimpleC Companion

What is the Companion?

It supports the health and happiness of your loved one using mobile technology.  You know your loved one best and their needs. The Companion helps to deliver your message when it is needed, day after day.

It's a Non-Drug Approach.

A compassionate way to help without the risk of emotion altering drugs.  Your hands-on knowledge of ‘what to do’ and ‘when to do it’ is the answer.  SimpleC helps to provide your knowledge all day, every day.

It Has Trusted Voices.

Anyone can be invited to share the Companion.  Each person can send a picture, a voice, or video to say hello or share a moment. Friends and family have a way to help.

It's Personalized.

Everyone is different.  A loved one, a great success and a funny story help bring a smile. Each person has different pictures, songs, and schedules on the Companion.

It's Automatic.

Being on time and feeling prepared bring peace of mind.  Keeping track for you and your loved one is challenging. Let the Companion help. 

SimpleC Family Connect

What is Family Connect?

An application for families and friends to upload photos, videos, and Trusted Voice™ messages. This media will play on the Companion. Family Connect is for working together to create the best personalized care.

Download the Companion App Now

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