The SimpleC Companion

What is the Companion?

It supports the health and happiness of your loved one using mobile technology.  You know your loved one best and their needs. The Companion helps to deliver your message when it is needed, day after day.

It's a Non-Drug Approach.

A compassionate way to help without the risk of emotion altering drugs.  Your hands-on knowledge of ‘what to do’ and ‘when to do it’ is the answer.  SimpleC helps to provide your knowledge all day, every day.

It Has Trusted Voices.

Anyone can be invited to share the Companion.  Each person can send a picture, a voice, or video to say hello or share a moment. Friends and family have a way to help.

It's Personalized.

Everyone is different.  A loved one, a great success and a funny story help bring a smile. Each person has different pictures, songs, and schedules on the Companion.

It's Automatic.

Being on time and feeling prepared bring peace of mind.  Keeping track for you and your loved one is challenging. Let the Companion help. 

SimpleC Family Connect

What is Family Connect?

An application for families and friends to upload photos, videos, and Trusted Voice™ messages. This media will play on the Companion. Family Connect is for working together to create the best personalized care.

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Family Blogs

Report Rollout

The Visit Report gives you the opportunity to record how your loved one’s day is going. This daily 30-second Visit Report will be the basis for our Client Snapshot and reporting for you and your family.

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2018 Family Connect Update

The new 2018 Family Connect Update has arrived! This massive update includes so many new features that we’re very excited to introduce to you.

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Picture Perfect

Family Connect’s in-app camera will crop and skew photos for you. Upload perfect pictures of your old photographs.

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Complete Connection

Family Connect now has alerts, notifications, and in-app messaging. Stay in the loop and connect with your network of family members and clinicians.

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Detailed Dashboard

Read all of your important notices in one spot, the dashboard. Stay on the ball and in-touch with changes and raising problems in your Companion user’s health.

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Emotions of Caregiving

Caregiving can take on many forms. It’s not always easy. You had responsibilities before you became a caregiver. Now you have more. You have a new role in your loved one’s life. We understand what that’s like. Let us help.

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Add Your Voice

Your voice is very important. You know the message and personality of your loved one best. Your voice is a trusted source. To add your Trusted Voice™ to an existing therapy, follow these simple steps…

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What is Trusted Voice™?

Everyone knows the voices of their friends and family members. You call as often as you can, daily or weekly. But your voice can be helpful multiple times throughout the day. SimpleC has a new way for your voice to help: Trusted Voice™ Therapy.

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Reminders That You Care

One of the toughest parts of caregiving is the repetition. You don’t like repeating yourself again and again. Your loved one does not like getting constant instructions. No one wants to be dependent.

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The Doctor Wants What?

The doctor’s orders do not put the actual changes in motion. Paper procedures and prescriptions do not keep those new routines consistent. Your loved one needs your help to build a new routine; a new lifestyle.

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Evolve the Routine

Aging and illness cause complexity and change. Your loved one’s lifelong routine no longer works. Routines must evolve. Commitments must adjust. This leads to more change and more difficulties.

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It’s a Tool, Not a Toy

As we age, our need to remember appointments, follow schedules, participate in therapies, and connect with family and friends grow increasingly more important. Technology has become the most innovative and supported method to accomplish these necessary tasks.

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