The SimpleC Companion™ is an intuitive touch-screen application that promotes memory, engagement, and better communication for seniors. It is classified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a Daily Activity Assist Device.

Check out the Add-Ons for the Companion below.

Companion Family Connect

Family Connect is where families and friends can upload meaningful photos and videos, as well as record Trusted Voice™ messages to be played on their loved one’s Companion. This allows families and care-givers the ability to collaborate to create the highest quality personalized patient care.

Companion Clinical Connect

Companion Clinical Connect is used by clinicians to monitor groups of patients using advance analytics. With our partnership with IBM™ Bluemix and Watson, we have been able to enhance the speed and scalability of media-delivered therapies and analytics by automating feed back that can improve the efficiency of personalized patient care.

The Risks of Medication

While medication may sometimes be helpful in treating Alzheimer’s disease and memory disorders, the risk of side effects can often outweigh potential benefits.

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The Alternative: Non-Drug Therapies

Using a blend of time-tested therapies and technology, we developed a way to improve quality of life without medications. Relaxed/Calm, Happy, Reassured, Regular and Healthy Appetite.




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