Talk and Tapas: The Details of Depression and How it Effects the Brain

TALK AND TAPAS is a FREE event with FREE food that occurs every 6 weeks or so. The point of TALK AND TAPAS is to raise mental health awareness in the community and dispel the myths that often come attached when mental health is brought up. We want people to feel more at ease and open to talk more about mental health rather than experience an uncomfortable silence, feeling as if the topic needs to change. No! We need to talk more about mental health and what it means.

For our upcoming TALK AND TAPAS, we will dissect Depression, one of the most commonly diagnosed mental illnesses, by discussing what it is, types of depression, symptoms, prescribed medication, alternative ways to cope, and how it effects the brain.

Come join the TALK!!!


Date And Time

Sat, May 18, 2019
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EDT


The State Farm Building
416 Flat Shoals Avenue Southeast
Atlanta, GA 30316