Our digital therapies use music, photos, voice recordings, and videos on a schedule to help you live healthier and happier every day.

SimpleC Care 360 Platform

SimpleC has been building and improving our digital therapeutics platform since 2010. Our three apps connect anyone helping a person with medical conditions to complete the circle of care.

SimpleC Companion™

Remind and encourage the individual to engage in healthy behaviors.

Family Connect

Personalize the Companion and track health progress.

Clinical Connect

Stay connected to professional caregivers and provide them with detailed reports.

Our Approach

The SimpleC platform was built to help families living with complex diagnoses, including dementia.

“Our tools inspire and motivate people to live healthier lives through personalized behavioral nudges.”

– Dan Pompilio, CEO

How Care 360 Works

SimpleC Companion

A behavioral nudge can be as simple as starting the day on the right foot.

Wake up at the right time to an encouraging voice, favorite music, and relaxing photos.

Personal therapies put the individual in a good mood and support a healthy routine.

Family Connect

Providing care can be as easy as saying “I love you” every morning with SimpleC Trusted Voice®.

You can create, personalize, and schedule therapies with the people that you trust.

You deliver the best care when you work together.

Watch the Companion’s impact day by day on the individual’s mood and health.

Clinical Connect

The doctor can see how the morning routine is going between visits.

Take action and adjust the Companion therapies to improve care. 

Give the doctors more visibility when you talk to them and be confident in the support you’re providing.

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