Our digital therapeutics and data analytics platform helps you provide better care while managing your population and workforce.

How We Help You

Improve Health Outcomes

Improve your customers’ health by focusing on them as unique individuals and drive the needed behavior change to manage their diseases.


Deliver the right message at the right time to increase awareness and compliance with their plan of care.


Support healthier behaviors at home and avoid unwanted hospitalizations.

Manage your Population

Understand what’s happening between doctor’s visits to provide targeted behavioral interventions.


Assign the right resources to the right customer across your entire population.


Gain visibility into your population and intervention efficacy; focus your innovation and improvement where it is needed most.

Strengthen your team

Empower your staff and leverage their experience in personalizing plans of care.


Provide the right knowledge to the right team members at the right time.


Achieve stable clinical consistency across the population.

How It Works

Therapy as a Service® – TaaS®

SimpleC delivers all therapeutic programs as “Therapy as a Service® (TaaS®).” All TaaS® interventions are evidence-based that prevent, manage, and treat cognitive and chronic conditions.

TaaS® extends the knowledge of care team members by providing targeted digital therapeutics. The therapies are uniquely effective by utilizing personal preferences when delivering interventions to address health needs.

TaaS® interventions create consistency of care across your patient base and prompt your patients to take care of themselves independently.

The SimpleC digital therapeutic platform is a turnkey solution from your consumer’s symptoms to diagnosis to therapies to claims.

Visit Assessments

The Visit Assessment tool gathers and shares key health indicators. Answer the question “How are they doing?”

Assessments can come from the customer, their family and friends, or your team members. Keep everyone on the same page without paper.

Key health indicators are adjustable to fit the information that is important to you. Records positive trends as well as negative health outcomes.

Record key health indicators through quick intuitive emoji-based scales. Keep notes on needs and events in short text forms. 


  • Emoji scale of the pain key health indicator
  • Forms for recording notes, needs, and events


Notifications are based on the needs and key health status of the customer.

Alerts are simultaneously sent to your customer’s family and friends, and your care team.

  • View notifications on the Family and Clinical Connect Dashboard
  • Receive push notifications on your smartphone home screen


Dashboard Reporting

Snapshot Report

Our two-week summary provides valuable insights into your customer’s health at a glance.

Easily share each customer’s health status and events that require action with their family and your team members. 

  • Color-coded key health indicators
  • Better coordination between family and your team members. (point to notes and notification section)
  • Visitor Log with dates and times for family and your team members.

Goal Trends Report

The Goal Trends Report provides powerful trend graphs to help you predict and proactively address problems before a crisis.


  • Trend line shows key health indicator change over time
  • Plotted color-coded key health measures
  • Log of most recent care measures, who recorded them, and when they were recorded.
  • Both reports provide a printable view.



Easy HIPPA secure messaging between your team members and the customer.

Keep the customer and their family in touch and informed.


  • Send messages to the customer’s connected family and your team members all at once
  • Receive live notifications when messages are sent
  • View the history of all message communications sent about the customer

Build a Circle of Care

SimpleC Platform supports the circle of care which includes the customer, their family, and your team members. Tailor and deploy each customer’s care plan to your standard of care by department or diagnosis.

SimpleC Companion™

Deliver Therapy as a Service™, education, and messages for increased adherence to each customer’s plan of care.

Family Connect

Provide actionable insights, send messages and engage people across the entire circle of care.

Clinical Connect

Coordinate the customer’s family members and trusted friends around the plan of care.

Enterprises We Serve

SimpleC provides a cutting-edge platform for consumer-driven healthcare. Our platform solves for increasing complexity and costs across all stakeholders.

Integrated Health System

Cost-effective method to maintain compliance and consistency of care across your population.

Housing Provider

Improve operations and differentiate your care to grow your consumer base and key staff.


Prioritize interventions and encourage healthy behaviors across your population.

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