Play a pivotal role in your loved one’s day.

Play a pivotal role in your loved one’s day.

Stay close and connected from anywhere.

Have peace of mind. Our video call feature allows family members and friends to easily see and hear loved ones from anywhere. Enjoy meaningful visits and ensure loved ones don’t miss out on family activities or celebrations.

Be an active participant.

Support your loved one’s health and well-being remotely by creating a daily schedule with reminders, cues or therapies tailored to their individual needs and goals. You know your loved one best, customize their digital therapies with meaningful pictures, videos, music preferences and personal trusted voice messages to cater to their individual personality and make the most impact. 

Upload personal pictures, videos and messages all in one safe and convenient location for your loved one to enjoy and invite others to do the same. (Enjoyment, connection and sharing family events, don’t miss out on the day to day occastions whether they are big or small, keep them included and feeling a part of the family)

Improve care through real-time coordination.

Make use of our messaging, notes and video call features to communicate with both your loved one and their network of clinical providers in our system.

Help communicate your loved one’s needs or changes. keeping everything in the same place. updates. Concerns or questions.