Transform the way we care for ourselves and each other. 

Transform the way we care for ourselves and each other. 

Maintain strong connections with family & friends.

Don’t let distance be a barrier.  Stay engaged and connected with the people that matter most with our easy-to-use and secure video calling and messaging features.  Group video calls allow individuals to see and hear loved ones – whether near or far. Share a cup of tea together, celebrate birthdays & holidays or just enjoy a quick chat with one simple touch. 

Take control of your day.

​Routine is everything.  A simple daily schedule can have an extremely positive impact on one’s overall health, wellness and quality of life.  Take control by scheduling a routine filled with healthy habits, activities and events supported by reminders, cues or therapies.

Enjoy what you love.

No complicated switching from one app to another when one can easily enjoy music, games, personal photo albums and videos all in one place.

•  Relive favorite memories and make new ones through shared photos and videos uploaded by family and friends.

•  Harness the power of music to motivate, relax or de-stress throughout the day.

•  Exercise the mind with games everyone knows and loves like Sudoku, Solitaire, Crosswords, Word Scrambles and more.

Support your health & Well-being.

SimpleC’s digital therapy builder combines the use of 4 evidenced-based therapeutic techniques to assist in daily activities and help build healthy habits: Music, Trusted Voice, Reminiscence, and Validation.

•  Favorite songs can positively affect mood, energy levels, social interactions and memory.

•  Voice messages from family and friends can help regulate emotions, soothe anxiety and provide comfort.

•  A picture or song can help recall and connect with happy memories.

•  Information and reminders can reassure daily events and emotions.

Therapies can be personalized and built around each individual’s unique needs to benefit those living with a wide range of conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic illness, dementia as well as other age-related illnesses.