Accelerate continuous improvement throughout your organization.

Accelerate continuous improvement throughout your organization.

Collaborate across the circle of care.

Communication is key to effective care.  Use our secure video calling, notes and messaging features to conduct virtual visits, share updates, communicate needs or changes in care plans and most importantly keep everyone in the circle of care on the same page.

Give your team the tools to make a difference.

Connection and understanding are critical to the care process.  Make it easy for your staff to better connect and deliver a higher quality of care with our digital therapies program.  Use them as a tool during care activities to improve mood resulting in calmer, more meaningful and efficient interactions.

View your data from every angle.

Gain visibility into the wellness of your population and individual residents, make evidence-based decisions, mitigate risk, and ensure each resident receives the optimal level of care.

Translate data from your custom built surveys and assessments into insightful infographics and statistics that enable managers to see information from multiple viewpoints starting at community and neighborhood levels down to individual residents and shift changes. Managers can see how many events occurred in a given time period and location, explore trends and patterns across shifts and review a resident’s document history to help identify and mitigate risk. This data history is key to unlocking new insights that enable your team to make informed decisions and provide the highest level of care and support possible at all times.