Schedules Make Life Easier

Keeping to a schedule of care is vitally important. You have a great responsibility to keep people healthy. You must help them take pills on time, keep them hydrated, and make sure they are clean and comfortable.

It’s challenging to provide pleasant personal care. There are so many tasks to do and so little time to do them. Care can be hard. Sometimes the person does not feel like doing a task. Sometimes they get confused by a new pill or routine. Plans of care are difficult to perform when everyone is not on the same page.

The Companion is there to back you up. Here are some specific examples of how Companion therapies can help you as a caregiver.


Remind people of today’s tasks before they happen.

Companion can wake a person up from a nap before you arrive. This allows you to help them take their afternoon medication more efficiently.

Emotionally prepare them for the tasks ahead.

Companion can play a relaxation show before a stressful bathing task. They will be more receptive to your help and the task at hand.

Reassure them that you are here to help with support from family members.

Companion can play family voice messages about instructions for using an inhaler. If the person is confused or questions your instructions, you can simply play those recordings on demand.


The Companion has endless possibilities and uses. It can help you provide the best care possible.


Let SimpleC be a tool to help you deliver care. Use Clinical Connect today.

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