Setting Reminders to be Healthy

Healthy routines are key for the best health.  You can encourage a better routine without being right there in the room.  It’s easy!  Let us show you how:

1. Launch SimpleC Family Connect App on a smartphone or tablet.

2. Press the “action” button next to your loved one’s name

3. Press “View Profile” on the action button drop down menu

4. Press “View Care Activities”

5. Press “+ Add Care-Activities”

6. Describe your loved-one’s struggles, challenges, and symptoms in the empty text box. Press “Next”

7. Select the care needs you want to add and press “Next”.

8. Select care goals that will address your loved one’s symptoms or needs. Press “Add to Care Activities.” If you dislike the selection, Select “start over”

9. Press “Go to Care Activities” to see the newly added programs.


You can be an active part of your loved one’s care.
Create a care activity for them.

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