The Visit Assessment

Record Mom’s daily measures during your visits.

The Visit Assessment lets Mom’s visitors track her mood, behavior and health. Whenever a family member, friend, or clinician visits her, they can open Family or Clinical Connect to fill out a short form. The form asks simple questions about Mom’s activity and emotions. It provides a space to make notes about her day and report her current needs or problems.

Listed below are the types of mood, behavior, and health measures that are in the Visit Assessment:  

  • Mood – Happiness or Sorrow  
  • ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) – Sleep  
  • Appetite – Eating  
  • Hydration – Drinking  
  • IDLs (Instrumental Daily Living) – Taking Medication  
  • Physical State – Pain and Energy 

The Visit Assessment collects the following incident reports. These notes notify caregivers of Mom’s problems and needs:  

  • Fall or Injury  
  • Hospital Visit  
  • UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)  
  • Upsetting Event  
  • New Symptom / Acting Different  
  • Caregiver Incident

Notes and action items are collected to help notify caregivers of to-dos and requirements. Record upcoming doctor’s appointments, note reminders for prescription refills, or request new equipment.   

This Visit Assessment will fuel our notifications and progress-tracking reports: The Snapshot Report, and The Goal Trends Report.  

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