Unboxing Your Companion

Unpacking & Setting up Your Companion Tablet & Mount

Watch: How to Unbox and Setup Your Companion Tablet!

This video will show you what comes in a Companion hardware box! How to unpack the mount/stand, assemble it, and place your tablet onto it. It’s best to have your Companion tablet propped up nearby so you can view therapies and answer TeleVisit calls quickly and easily. So place the tablet stand or wall mount where it is easy to reach.

Are you using your own tablet? If you have a “Book Cover Case” for your tablet, here is a quick guide on how to stand your tablet up using a Book Cover Case:

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How to Unbox and Setup Your Companion Tablet!


In the box, you will find three things:
The mount / stand | The tablet | SimpleC materials packet


The Mount / Stand:

1. Unfold the stand and place the washer over the knob at the end of the arm. (Make sure the washer’s thread is facing outwards)

2. Snap the tablet holder onto the knob.

3. Screw the washer into the tablet holder.

If you with to place the stand on a wall mount:

4. Peel the cover of 3M tape off and stick it to the wall

5. Use the screws to secure the wall mount into the wall

6. Place the legs of the stand through the wall mount.

Once you’ve found the perfect viewing angle for the tablet stand, you can uncover the joints by removing the joint caps, and use the allen wrench to tighten the joints.


The Tablet:

1. Remove the tablet and power cord from the box

2. Find a place to put the tablet near an outlet. Plug one end of the charger into the tablet and the other end into the wall outlet.

3. Place the tablet into the stand horizontally (Short sides of the tablet are placed into the stand holder brackets). Make sure to line up the tablet within the stand so that the power cord can still be plugged in, and the camera and microphone are not blocked!


The SimpleC Materials Package:

1. Camera Indicator Stickers – If you have a hard time finding the camera during a televisit call, place this sticker next to the camera, pointing towards it, to make video calls a little easier.

2. Do Not Unplug Sticker – This sticker is to remind guests that this charger must remain in place. It’s important to keep the Companion plugged in at all times so that it can provide you with therapies, reminders, and video calls throughout your day, every day!

3. Place Companion Here Sticker – This sticker is to remind guests or yourself where the Companion should be placed. If you find yourself moving it often, or guests use it when they visit, this sticker can help them remember where to place it after they are done using it!

4. Companion Setup & Introduction Tablet Tent – This is an informative popup instruction sheet! On it are instructions for how to setup your Companion profile and an introduction into the Companion features!

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