Add Your Voice

Your voice is very important. You know the message and personality of your loved one best. Your voice is a trusted source.
To add your Trusted Voice™ to an existing therapy, follow these simple steps:

Launch SimpleC Family Connect App on your smartphone or tablet.

Press “View your loved one’s name” to get into their profile.

Press View Library, Albums, Go to Music, or Care Activities to add a message/reminder.

Select the therapy that you want to add a message to.

Press “Add Voice Recording.”

Press “Begin Recording” to start recording a new message or reminder.

If needed, press “OK” to access the microphone.

Press “Stop Recording” when the message is complete.

Press “Play Recording” to hear the message.

Press “Save” if you are happy with the recording and wish to keep it.

Press “Delete Recording” if you’d like to redo the message.


Be there for your loved one. Share your voice.

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What is Trusted Voice™?

What is Trusted Voice™?

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Your Voice Can Help

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