What is Trusted Voice™?

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Everyone knows the voices of their friends and family members.  The tone of a child’s voice evokes an immediate feeling.  There is nothing a parent loves hearing more.  You call as often as you can, daily or weekly.  But your voice can be helpful multiple times throughout the day.

SimpleC has a new way for your voice to help: Trusted Voice™ Therapy. You can simply record your messages and then schedule them as a helpful reminder.

Schedule your voice recording:  “I love you mom.  I will see you soon,”  to play first thing in the morning.

Set a recording to play when she opens up an album.  Talk about her grandson’s soccer pictures that you just shared in “Tommy’s Soccer Games” album.

Remind mom to give the dog fresh water.  Provide her with encouragement to be ready when you pick her up for dinner.

You know how to communicate with your parent in the best way.  Caring for your mom should not require being on call 24/7.


We’ve made a tool that lets your voice help, even when you’re not instantly available.

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