Evolve the Routine

Aging and illness cause complexity and change.  Your loved one’s lifelong routine no longer works.  Routines must evolve.  Commitments must adjust.  This leads to more change and more difficulties.

“When you’re caring for elderly population, they are not moving towards independence. They move towards dependence, different from a child that moves towards independence. So that in itself is challenging, because when you are dealing with your loved one that was your rock—your father, your mother, those are the people that you went to for all of your challenges. Now you have to figure it out for them. You have to become a mind reader. You have to be the one to tell them what’s best for them. That’s kind of a weird, uncomfortable situation. – Cheryl”

She might miss a medication or an appointment with the therapist.  He might be late for church or forget to pick up the mail.  They might skip birthdays and other social outings.  The shift in routine and increase in dependency can lead to social and emotional withdrawal.  They may be reluctant or embarrassed of the change.

We know you care.  You want them to feel confident and independent.  You want to be there for them.  Identifying needs and stabilizing new routines can be a 24/7 task.  You don’t have time to be there all day, everyday.

Getting your loved one back into the swing of things does not just happen.  SimpleC has helped with this exact problem for thousands of people.

Let us help you and your loved one.

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Schedules Make Life Easier

Schedules Make Life Easier

It’s challenging to provide pleasant personal care. There are so many tasks to do and so little time to do them. Care can be hard. Sometimes the person does not feel like doing a task. Sometimes they get confused by a new pill or routine. Plans of care are difficult to perform when everyone is not on the same page.

Reminders That You Care

Reminders That You Care

One of the toughest parts of caregiving is the repetition. You don’t like repeating yourself again and again. Your loved one does not like getting constant instructions. No one wants to be dependent.

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The Doctor Wants What?

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