How to Start a TeleVisit Call

Start a video call using Clinical Connect!

Watch: How to Start a TeleVisit Call Using Clinical Connect

Clinicians can use TeleVisit video calls to help answer care questions or to check up on patients.

Clinical Connect is our portal for doctors, nurses, technicians, and care managers. Use the Clinical Connect app to safely and securely care for your Companion users and communicate with their families.

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Step by Step:

How to Start a TeleHealth Visit

Step 1: Select a patient profile to open the patient dashboard.

Step 2: Select “Video Call,” select who you want to call & select the reason for the call.

Step 3: Select “Contact User”

This will start the video call

Step 4: When the call is done, select the red “Disconnect” button.

Step 5: After the call, type in your billing code and notes.

Tutorial Complete!

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