Request a TeleVisit Call

How to Request a TeleVisit Call Using Companion!

Watch: How to Request a TeleVisit Call Using Companion!

You can request a TeleVisit video or audio call from the Companion! When the request is sent, your Clinical Connect caregivers will be notified. They will call you as soon as they are available!

Important Note: Do not use TeleVisit for emergency situations! Please call 911 or other emergency hotlines available to you.

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Step by Step:

How to Request a TeleVisit Call Using Companion

On the Home screen,

Step 1: Select the “Open Menu” button.

On the Menu screen,

Step 2: Select the “Request Contact” button with the phone icon.

On the Caregiver Contact Request page,

Step 3: Select the reason why you are requesting contact.

A popup will appear to confirm the request,

Step 4: Select the blue “Ok” button.

A notification will be sent to your caregivers, they will call you when they are available!


Tutorial Complete!

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