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Invite a Family Member to a Companion Profile Using Clinical Connect

Watch: How to Add a Family Member to a Companion Profile

After you create a Companion profile for your new patient, invite the patient’s family members to connect with the Companion profile. Using the invitation, family can download Family Connect to interact with the patient’s Companion and Clinical Connect.

Family Connect allows family members to use TeleVisit to communicate with the patient & the patient’s caregivers. The family will also be able to contribute to the patient’s Companion. Family can upload photos & videos, create new shows & therapies, and assign music & voice messages to reminders!

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Step by Step:

How to Add a Family Member to a Companion Profile

On the Clinical Connect home page,

Step 1: Select the patient profile that you wish to add a family member to.

When you are on the patient’s profile,

Step 2: Select the menu button in the top right corner.

In the drop down menu,

Step 3: Select “Contributors.”

On the “Contributors” page,

Step 4: Select the blue “+Add” button in the bottom right corner.

On the “Invite Contributor” page,

Step 5: Type in the family member’s first name, last name, and email.

Step 6: Then, select what the family member’s relationship is to the patient. 

Step 7: Select the blue “Next” button to send the invitation to the family member.

The family member will receive an email with instructions to join Family Connect! 


Tutorial Complete!

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