Drugs Are Not the Only Option

Any healthcare provider will tell you that mood and attitude can make all the difference.

Supporting and improving mood is hard work.  It takes time.  It’s an everyday task.  Drugs might be able to address the symptoms, but SimpleC addresses the cause.

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“We couldn’t subscribe to (drugs) as a therapeutic approach for him to get better.  It just wasn’t going to work.”
– Cheryl, early SimpleC adopter

Sure, there are drug-based therapies that can often make a difference.  Many drugs create conflicts when taken with other drugs.  And, some have harsh side effects that are unacceptable.  In many cases, a pill can seem like the easy answer.  But is that really the best long-term solution?  Don’t you owe it to your loved one to explore all options?

SimpleC gently enhances each day by informing and supporting your loved one as needed.  SimpleC uses trusted, proven methods to improve quality of life.

You can help your loved one live each day to the fullest.  Encourage them to use their SimpleC Companion.  It’s a proven cognitive health aid.  It has provided amazing results to current consistent users.  In many cases, it allows for a drug-free approach.  It can improve mood and overall well-being without the use of drugs.

SimpleC introduces digital therapeutics.  Your loved one can view music, pictures, video, and familiar voices on demand, digitally.  Is Mom sad?  Doesn’t she always smile when she hears you say “I love you, mom”?  Is she angry or frustrated?  Well, her favorite ‘Little Rubber Tree’ song should cheer her up!  SimpleC uses augmented intelligence to understand the patient.  It enables delivery of ‘just-in-time’ therapies that can help turn a bad day into a good one.  It can turn fear, sorrow, and anger into a sense of well-being.

Every journey in cognitive care is unique.  Every patient requires their own regimen.  SimpleC allows for exactly that.  And it’s safe and effective in any ‘dose.’

Betty’s Story

Based on one of many actual use cases.

Betty moved into a new community.  Her family found that she was irritable and overwhelmed in this new home.  She was unable to ignore the increase in sounds and activity.  Every time someone made a knocking sound, she would answer her door.  Every time someone made a loud noise, she would go see what it was.  The restlessness caused Betty to have anxiety attacks.  Betty’s doctor prescribed an anti-anxiety drug to calm her.  The pills did help, but they introduced new problems.  Betty found that she was “foggy” and said she never felt “normal.”  It also made her dizzy and thirsty.

SimpleC began to work with Betty’s family to find a non-drug solution.  Her family shared Betty’s life story and photographs.  And, her caregivers explained Betty’s behavior patterns.  With that information, SimpleC gave Betty a Companion and customized care shows for her.  The Companion provided care activities that reminded her of tasks.  This kept her busy.  It provided her with photos from childhood and family vacations.  This kept her entertained.  Betty could now focus on her tasks and her family.  She was no longer bothered by surrounding noises and commotion.  She no longer needed “foggy” drugs to calm her anxiety.  She had SimpleC.


What’s your story?  Please share your unique perspective with us!

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