Getting Results Together

SimpleC is a new tool for helping your loved one.  Considering your loved one’s preferences and character is key.  We reinforce your insights to address everyday issues both big and small.  You can invite friends, family, and caregivers to be part of the process.  Everyone’s knowledge and love help to get the best results.

Are you struggling to find areas that SimpleC could help?  Try answering these questions:

Are they socially reclusive and unwilling to participate?  Does your loved one seem bored and distant?

Do you find that visits are sometimes difficult?  Do any family members find it hard to have a conversation with your loved one?

Does your loved one get upset at certain times or activities?

Do they seem depressed or anxious at times?  Do they become moody or over emotional?

Does your loved one have a regular sleep schedule?

Does your loved one have trouble caring for themselves or performing specific tasks?

Does your loved one take drugs to address behavior or emotional problems?

Do they have trouble remembering appointments and tasks?

Do they have difficulty remembering friends and family members?


If you answered yes, you have identified the problem.
Use Family Connect to become part of the solution.

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