Support Aging with Dignity

You’re a caregiver.  You care.  That’s what you do.  It’s more than your job, it’s your passion.  Let SimpleC help you provide the best care possible.  We want to support your creativity and compassion.  You decide when and where the needs occur.  SimpleC will assist you in preparing each person for tasks to address those needs.  We make your life easier by automating reminders.  We support you through care activities.  We are a new approach that has proven effective.  Improve the health and happiness for those you care for everyday.

Cheryl is an early SimpleC adopter:

“So the people from SimpleC came out and explained how they could help my parents with remembering how to take their eye drops on time – and my father has an issue about drinking water that causes him to sometimes go to the hospital because he gets dehydrated.  So we could put a reminder show on there, a hydration show, to say, “Hey Dad, drink your water.”  And I could customize my voice to allow Dad to hear me and be comfortable with my voice while he’s getting a subtle reminder, versus my mother saying, “Ken, you need to drink.  Drink your water.  Drink your water.”  It becomes nagging after a while, and he just shuts down.”

And that’s on an individual level.  Imagine that same custom patient support applied to twenty patients.  So often, caregivers with multiple residents struggle to keep up with the demands.  SimpleC allows caregivers to be pro-active versus re-active. Caregivers can monitor and assess in new ways.  We have the technology!

It couldn’t happen at a better time.  Studies show that aging baby boomers widen the gap in average caregiver-to-patient ratios.  SimpleC helps facilities to virtually shrink that gap.  It enables staff to provide better help to more people.  We help to make your resident’s life better despite facility limitations.

Bottom line, as a caregiver with SimpleC, you are not alone.
And neither is your resident or patient!



 Ethyl’s Story

Based on one of many actual use cases.

Ethyl moved into a new home to receive personal care from caregivers.  Caregivers could provide her with the attention she needed.  After moving, Ethyl had a difficult time adjusting to her new home.  During the day, her caregivers would find Ethyl panicked.  She would clutch her purse and demand to be “taken home.”  No explanation or consoling would soothe her.

Only Ethyl’s daughter, who intervened every afternoon, could calm her.

Ethyl’s daughter and caregivers worked with SimpleC to set up her Companion.  The Companion offered Ethyl’s favorite music, recordings, and photos.  These items made her feel happy and more at-home.  Ethyl’s family also created Trusted Voices to help Ethyl feel at home.  “Hi, MeeMaw, It’s your daughters Lacy and Ginny!  We made this recording so you could hear us sing our favorite song!  We love you!…”

The change was dramatic.  If Ethyl got agitated, her caregivers would get the companion.  They would start the “This is Your Home” care activity.  Trusted voices from her family and photos from Ethyl’s happy childhood played.  Seeing familiar pictures and voices calmed her.  Ethyl became less agitated and more trusting of her caregivers.  Ethyl began to embrace her new home and accept her community.


What’s your story?  Please share your unique perspective with us!

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