SimpleC can help you manage your loved one’s schedule.

Whether aging at home or in a community, managing schedules is essential.  But, no two schedules should be identical.

A daily routine helps your loved one feel in control and stay healthy.  Most caregivers find that keeping schedules can be hard in times of change.  Keeping track of your own schedule is difficult enough.  Managing tasks for yourself and others is a full-time job.  It’s overwhelming.

SimpleC provides that scheduling support.  It can help you to tackle what you thought was unmanageable – change.

No one knows your loved one better than you.  Instinctively, you know the best way to keep your loved one on track.  But you can’t always be there.  SimpleC automates reminders that both motivate and inform.  This takes away your frustration – and theirs.  We can help you keep them on-track.  SimpleC can be your voice when you’re not able to be there.  It can be your voice that reminds them it’s pill time.  It can be their Doctor’s instruction to drink an extra glass of water.  SimpleC can do what you’d do if you could be there 24-7.  The SimpleC Companion presents a better way to keep everyone on track.

Change is chaotic and disruptive.  Knowing your loved one’s schedule can help you stay in control of their care.


Connect with SimpleC.  Get a glimpse into the daily schedule and care of your loved one.

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